The Right Way To Take A Small Business Online

For the vast majority of small companies in business today, an online presence is an absolute necessity. If you run a business of your own, you want a strong, useful website that helps draw in customers and increase your profits. Building such a site is a challenge, but it is one that you are definitely capable of mastering. Follow these general principles to get the best results from the site-building process.

How can we get to the first pages of search results? - DIY SEO basics

DIY SEO basics

It is not inpossible to create a web page that is found by Google and other search engines. Maybe the most difficult thing about it is to start the process somewhere. Let's see some good starting points for the DIY search engine optimization:

Good domain name

It is best to start with a domain name that noone used before us. The best practice is to use the main keyword or key phrase. Some prefer short, easy to remmeber names, but in reality most people will arrive to our web page following links, so they won't have to type. From the search engine optimization point of view it is very important to have the keywords people are searching for in our domain name.